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    VIP Business Department for construction machinery
    Executive department for bidding projects of Lovolconstruction machinery products.
    Sales Manager: Zhang Bin
    E-mail: zhangbin@global.lovol.com
    Tel: +86 0532 86907190

    • Agricultural Equipment Sales

      Address:NO.192 Beihai S.Rd. Fangzi District, Weifang,Shandong
      Zip code:261206
      Service hotline:0086-4008656865(0086-400-TO-LOVOL)

      Latin America regions
      Sales Manager: Duan Yongbing(Kevin Duan)
      E-mail: duanyongbing@global.lovol.com
      Tel: 0086-536-7512081

      European regions
      Sales Manager: DING Liming
      E-mail: dingliming@lovol.com
      Tel: 0086-536-7638713

      American regions
      Sales Manager: Zhang Chunmeng(Engene)
      E-mail: zhangchunmeng@global.lovol.com
      Tel: 0086-536-7608604

      CIS regions
      Sales Manager:Dong Shukui(Ivan)
      E-mail: dongshukui@global.lovol.com
      Tel: 0086-536-7512085

      Asia Pacific regions
      Sales Manager: Zhang Chunhong(Crystal)
      E-mail: zhangchunhong@global.lovol.com
      Tel: 0086-536-7608231

      Middle East regions
      Sales Manager: Zhao Tianbao
      Tel: 0086-536-7606287

      Africa regions
      Sales Manager: Zhang Peng
      E-mail: zhangpeng3@global.lovol.com
      Tel: 0086-536-7527093

    • Lovol Engines

      Tel: 0086-22-26996802
      Latin American Market: Jet Liu
      E-mail: liujie2@lovol.com         
      European Market: Amy Zhang
      E-mail: zhangyuge@lovol.com
      Africa Market:Lucy Fang
      E-mail: fanhuihua@lovol.com    
      Asian Market: Jennifer Liu
      E-mail: liujian2@lovol.com     
      Mid-East Market: Zhao Ye
      E-mail: zhaoye@lovol.com     
      William Wang
      E-mail: wanglizhi1@lovol.com 

      VIP Business Department(Executive Department of Foreign Aid Projects,Overseas Bidding Projects, Other Government and Organization Bidding Projectsfor LOVOL)
      We are in charge of LOVOL’s VIP business and we sell all kinds of LOVOL’sproducts, such as agricultural equipment, construction machinery, vehicles andengines. We have full experiences in Chinese government foreign-aid programsorganizing, other kinds of large-scale projects organizing. If you need LOVOL,please contact us and we can satisfy you on service and products.
      Address:NO.192 Beihai S.Rd., Fangzi District, Weifang, Shandong
      Zip code:261206
      Service hotline:0086-4008656865(0086-400-TO-LOVOL)

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