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    Newly optimize to design the whole vehicle, whose leaf spring externally spans the vehicle frame to suit for borehole operation, and whose frame is sturdy in construction with large bearing capacity; thicken the sideboard and base plate of the container, which is designed as a frame type skeleton shape for long service life.
    As a high-end brand of mine truck in the industry, the product is suitable for the uses in coal mines, iron ores and construction works.

    Technical parameters

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    Technical parameters

    loading capacity 2 tons
    Overall dimensions of vehicle (mm) 3443*1350/1200*1379
    Overall dimensions of cargo (mm) 1800*1350/1200*400
    Rated power (hp) 18
    Displacement ( ml) 996
    curb weight( kg) 940
    max speed(km/h) 50
    tire size (F/R) 4.50-14/6.50-16
    brake system Vacuum Booster
    brake system move:foot brake;stop:hand brake
    Frame straight beam whole welding frame
    Rear axle hydraulic full floating
    dump equipment yes
    color blue/yellow/orange
    optional 3+1 mechanism/semi axle/rear tyre 6.00-16/7.00-16/100Ah LAS/105 Battery/spring ring/sigle absorb/double assorb

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