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    Main Features

    1. The brand new appearance design brings full innervations with a higher grade and obvious differentiation;
    2. The fuel tank and cushion of the brand new models adopt the design with the ergonomics principle followed to make a more comfortable driving and ride;
    3. The fairing and instrument of the brand new models leads to a more comprehensive displaying of the entire automobile data, and the driving condition of the entire automobile can be clear at a glance;
    4. The extra-strong goods cabinet of the brand new models is made by the automobile process with the function of compression resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance;
    5. The Lovol engine with proprietary intellectual property rights is allocated to make a strong motive power, low fuel consumption and good abrasion resistance;
    6. The new type operating mechanism of foot-control reverse gear device helps save trouble and effort;
    7. The high-quality 60Si2Mn spring steel is adopted with a better toughness and higher intensity which is durable and antifatigue.

    Technical parameters

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    Technical parameters

    Displacement(cc) 150
    Main Parametr
    overall dimensions of vehicle(mm) 3250*1270*1750
    overall dimensions of cargo box(mm) 1700*1200*320
    Fuel consumption(km) 4L/100
    Loading capacity(kg) 300
    Max.speed(km/h) ≤60
    Engine Single cyclinder,Air-cooled,4-stroke
    Rated power(ph) 11
    Fuel tank capacity(L) 11
    Start mode Kick/electric
    Gear of gearbox/reverse 5/1
    Real axle Semi floating
    Driving type Shaft transmission
    Tire(F/R) 3.25-16/4.50-12
    Brake type Drum
    Qty in 40HQ(units) 42(SKD)
    Color Red/Blue
    - 200cc engine/spare tyre/Two speed gearbox(H/L speed)

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