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    Main Features

    1. Strong power with faster response, the imported Japanese Isuzu engine with rated power of 212kW.

    2. The constantly reinforced working device and structure make the product more solid and durable.

    3. Spacious and ergonomical design with excellent vision makes the operator more comfortable to drive.

    4. Simplified daily inspection and longer maintenance period.

    Technical parameters

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    Technical parameters

    Operation Weight (Standard Configuration) (KN) 37700
    Standard Bucket Capacity 1.7
    Rated Power/Rotate Speed(kW/rpm) 212/2000
    Transport Dimensions(mm) 11366*3202*3505
    Bucket Breakout Force(KN) 243
    Stick Breakout Force(KN) 199
    Maximum Traction(KN) 333
    Max. Walking Speed (Km/h) 5.0
    Climb Performance(°) 35
    Total Length of the Crawler(mm) 5000
    Tail Turning Radius(mm) 4371
    Width of the Crawler(mm) 600
    Ground Pressure(Kpa)
    Turning Mechanism
    Turning Speed(rpm) 9.7
    Model Isuzu 6HK1XKSC-02
    Type Turbocharged 6-cylinders Water-cooling Direct Injection Type
    Rated Torque/Rotate Speed(N·m/rpm) 1080/1500
    Cylinder Diameter*Stroke(mm)
    Output Value(L)
    Fuel Consumption(g/kW·h)
    Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 630
    Hydraulic System
    Main Pump Pressure(mpa)
    Main Pump Flow(L/min)
    Operating Scope
    Maximum Digging Height(mm) 10031
    Maximum Dumping Height(mm) 7064
    Maximum Digging Depth(mm) 6861
    Maximum Digging Radius(mm) 10702

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