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    Main Features

    1. Equipped with WP6G140E22 engine, advanced technology ,excellent durability ,powerful efficiency.
    2. Equipped with Hangzhou YD13 electronic gearshift transmission, operation is easy, comfortable and reliable.
    Dry-brake axle and excellent performance
    3. Full hydraulic load-sensing steering enables light and smart operation. Dual-pump flow-converging implement hydraulic system offers energy and high efficiency. 24°taper seal accompanied by O-ring face seal provides durable leak-free connection. Humanization designed joystick effectively reduces operator fatigue for long time operation.
    4. Flat glass and 360°view cab offer a full scene. Front wiper with spray function guarantee a good vision under special working conditions. Optional safety cab, which passed FOPS&ROPS test, guarantees the safety of operator
    5. The radiator utilizes two-layer layout to allow better air flow. The adaptation to high working condition is improved, allowing normal work under 50℃.
    Side opening hood with gas spring makes daily checking easier. 130% enhanced strength is realized by skeletal structure.
    6. Optimized A/C system with significant performance. Independent radiation enables the condenser a better cooling effect. Space in cab is enlarged after evaporator was moved outside of the cabin.
    7. The centralized control is adopted for the electric apparatus of entire machine, which ensures convenient inspection and maintenance of electrical apparatus element. Water-proof plug connector improves reliability of electrics
    8. Bucket blade is made from the special advanced material with outstanding performance on wear resistance testing. More durable reliability comes from co-operating with one of the first level manufacture in China.
    9. New designed hood in front axle protects brake caliper from sand or stone when loading work. Thus could reduce abrasion of brake caliper.
    10. Optional Auto-lube System provides precise, automatic lubrication for pins and bushings quantitatively in time. Time could be saved a lot for daily maintenance and unplanned downtime repairs due to inadequate greasing. Thus improves productivity
    11. Optional cold weather ether starting aids engine block heater.
    12. Rear vision camera is available to clearly monitor movement behind the wheel loader
    13. Various optional attachments including Standard Bucket, Rock Bucket, Quick Coupling Bucket and etc.

    Technical parameters

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    Technical parameters

    Operating mass(kg) 10800
    Bucket capacity 2
    Rated load(kg) 3500
    Traction(kN) 105
    Digging force(kN) 115
    Gradeability 30
    Unloading height(mm) 3000
    Unloading distance(mm) 1050
    Min. ground diatance(mm) 370
    Wheel tread(mm) 1850
    Wheelbase(mm) 2880
    Bucket outer turning radius(mm) 5990
    Outline distance(mm) 7090*2520*3200
    Model Weichai WP6G140E22
    Max. torque(N·m) 560
    Rated power(kW) 105
    Rated rotational speed(rpm) 2200
    Gearbox shift Front:4 gears Rear:3 gears
    Max. speed 37.0
    Type 17.5-25
    Ply rating 12
    Steering angle 38
    Operating model Pilot control
    Sum of three items(s) 9.2
    Fuel tank(L) 170
    Hydraulic oil tank(L) 120

    Product specifications

    Supporting EquipmentStandard bucket, enlarged bucket and stone bucket

    Service support

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