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    Main Features

    1. Power Allocation: It adopts DC motor, which is characterized by large power, high efficiency and strong grade ability;
    2. The CURTIS electric control system imported from the USA, which possesses the functions of standby battery braking and regenerative braking, is characterized by high efficiency, low consumption and excellent performance;
    3. The special traction battery, featuring strong deep discharging capacity, has higher performance price ratio; 
    4. The steel-structure chassis, which is treated with advanced electrophoresis technology for auto, has stronger corrosion resistance;
    5. The crystal head lamp and injection instrument panel with brand new model as well as the adjustable vehicle seat are developed to make you luxuriate in vehicle.

    Technical parameters

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    Technical parameters

    Overall dimension of tricycle(L*W*H)(mm) 3200*1450*1980(with alarm light 1980)
    Loading capacity (kg) 4 persons
    Weight (kg)
    Wheel base (mm) -
    Continuous travel (km) ≥80
    Tire size -
    Max speed(km/h) -
    Model 3-DG-210
    Capacity(Ah) 210
    Longevity Charging 500 time
    Voltage(v) 48
    Type DC SepEx
    Rated output power(W) 3000
    Power consumption of every charging(kW.h) -
    Charging current -
    Charging time 6-10hours
    Qty in 20/40HQ(unit) 3/6
    color white
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