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    All Products type of Foton:

    Type Model Induction Cylinder number Order 3D hall Catalog
    1003C-D3T 1003C-D3T T 3
    1003D-D3TART50 1003D-D3TART50 TA 3
    1003D-D3TART55 1003D-D3TART55 TA 3
    1003D-D3TART60 1003D-D3TART60 TA 3
    1004-4 1004-4 NA 4
    1004C-P4T 1004C-P4T T 4
    1004D-D4TA 1004D-D4TA TA 4
    1004C-P4TW 1004C-P4TW TW 4
    1004D-E4TA 1004D-E4TA TA 4
    1006C-P6T 1006C-P6T T 6
    1006C-P6TW 1006C-P6TW TW 6
    1006C-P6TART165 1006C-P6TART165 TA 6
    1006D-E6TA 1006D-E6TA TA 6
    1006C-P6TART185 1006C-P6TART185 TA 6
    1104C-P4T110 1104C-P4T110 T 4
    1104C-P4TA120 1104C-P4TA120 TA 4
    1106C-P6TART185 1106C-P6TART185 TA 6
    1106C-P6TART210 1106C-P6TART210 TA 6

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      Service hotline:+86 400 8656865 (0086-400-TO-LOVOL)
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