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    Service network

    Our mission: we are committed to serving all LOVOL products all over the world through our dealers and partners, assisting the customers to the utmost in business development and laying a solid foundation for a successful LOVOL. We are aiming at providing support service for various LOVOL products and promoting both the effectiveness of the equipment and the customers’ satisfaction to the fullest extent.
    If you need any service, please contact the local dealers directly, or contact us:

    Spare parts Business

    LOVOL has about 50,000 varieties of high-quality spare parts to provide for the end users. In order to ensure the timeliness of spare parts supply, LOVOL has set up a large number of authorized spare parts centers in major regions. Efficient logistics and distribution management as well as extensive dealer network ensure the efficient supply and service of parts, thus to provide a solid guarantee for the smooth going of users’ work.
    With a part team composed of professionals, we take the supply of superior after-sales service as our primary task, aiming at providing high-quality LOVOL services and parts for customers.
    Our worldwide service network can satisfy demands of users for various spare parts. For more information, please go to:link to spare parts supplier
    For quick and easy search for parts of LOVOL products, please view the spare parts catalog with pictures:link to SES system

    European and American region
    Contact Person: Derek Lee  
    Tel.: 0086 5367517831  
    Russian region
    Contact Person: Vito Wang 
    Tel.: 0086 5367513360
    Asia-Pacific region
    Contact Person: Feng Yabin

    Tel.: 0086 5367603121 
    Middle East and African region
    Contact Person: Haming York 
    Tel.: 0086 5367627931
    Latin American region
    Contact Person: Gavin Lee
    Tel.: 0086 5367525385

    Spare parts Supply

    The best way to ensure the best work performance of your products under the safest conditions is to use the original LOVOL spare parts that are exclusively designed for your machines, satisfactory to high quality requirements and comprehensively tested. These spare parts are reliable, durable, economical, practical and available from LOVOL dealers worldwide. Only genuine parts will completely meet the quality requirements and are quite important for economic and efficient running of machines. Because such parts are as good as the parts originally provided for your equipment and they all produced from the same production lines, such parts perfectly match with the equipment, ensuring perfect work at any time.
    How to purchase:
    Currently, some fake LOVOL tractor spare parts are sold in the market. Although it is difficult to find the difference between the authentic LOVOL parts and the similar alternatives from the appearance, you will feel the real difference in actual use. Please go to the local LOVOL authorized dealers to purchase authentic tractor spare parts.
    Ways of purchase:
    Please contact the local LOVOL authorized dealers or 
    The authorized spare parts center of the region
    Spare parts Center Hotline (China): 
    0086 536---7522758

    Spare parts Network

    Authorized Spare parts Centers
    Ukraine-Spare parts Purchase Hotline: 0038(050) 332-00-47
    Netherland-Spare parts Purchase Hotline: 0031(0) 186-612333
    Burma-Spare parts Purchase Hotline: 00959 788 888702
    Official Spare parts Centers
    Spare parts Center (China)-Spare parts Purchase Hotline: 0086 536---7522758
    European Spare parts Center (Italy)-Spare parts Purchase Hotline: 0039 434 85267
    E-commerce Platform-----Link to Spare parts Made in China

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